- " " Project. Apl315/Zolotariov 2014.

Graffiti and sculpture (in this case a sculptural installation) - two media not only "survivors" in today's huge variety, but also those who have proven themselves even in the face of fierce "species" competition. Graffiti and sculpture are in close connection with the space you are working with, due to what they live, to which they belong and this property gives them the opportunity not only to "linger" in time, but constantly evolve. Both authors that are represented have declared themselves on the art scene long ago, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, as a bright personalities and professional artists, who are forming the image of a modern national art. The project that is presented is a unique opportunity to see the latest developments of these artists - each in their own sphere, but for the first time in a single joint exposition. All works are especially created for the project and were not previously exhibited. Apl315.Oleksii Zolotariov. G13 Space. Kyiv, Ukraine 2014.
Mix Media On Canvas, 150x300cm. 2014.
Mix Media On Canvas, 150x300cm. 2014.
Mix Media On Canvas, 150x300cm. 2014.
No Name. Mix Media On Paper, 297m x210mm, 2014.
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